Where in Guangdong is there a patch machine manufacturer?

SMT machine manufacturers, come to Dongguan Bestong, Bestong is specialized in automation machinery and equipment research and development, production, sales, service industry for decades, quality assurance, manufacturers direct sales, better price, you are welcome to buy!

Recently, during 016CIOE, EeIE Electronics Exhibition, focused on the launch of independent research and development of LED special equipment - high-speed multi-head SMT machine, the equipment completely overturns the traditional SMT process, the use of vibration disk bulk feeding, save braid process and Feida feeding materials and time costs. High speed moving module group paste, greatly improve the production efficiency, is the favorite packaging manufacturers welcome the patch machine.

Bestong high-speed multi-head SMT machine, the breakthrough point is to save the cost, "first of all, per K can save 1.8 yuan; Secondly, if you buy this patch machine, the original braid machine does not need to buy additional; Third, reduce labor costs."

At present, in the field of intelligent equipment, our fixture production line, has a good performance (has served the international first-line brands of domestic OEM enterprises), bulk patch machine is also two prosperous production and sales, these two businesses are the guarantee of our net profit, and the traditional main business of spectral braid machine, as our support, this year we in the field of LED equipment or development."

SMD is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices, meaning: surface mounted devices, including CHIP, SOP, SOJ, PLCC, LCCC, QFP, BGA, CSP, FC, MCM

SMT is Surface Mount Technology (short for Surface Mount Technology), is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a new generation of electronic assembly technology. It compresses traditional electronic components into components of only a few tens of volume, so as to achieve high density, high reliability, miniaturization, low cost and automation of electronic product assembly. This miniaturized component is called: SMD device (or SMC, chip device). The process of assembling components onto a printed board PCB is called SMT process. The associated assembly equipment is called SMT equipment.

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Blackstone electronic equipment co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of electronic test fixture (ATE vacuum jig, ICT test fixture, FCT has grown test fixture) and is engaged in the electronic equipment development, production, sales and maintenance of large companies, the company set up in dongguan, in zhongshan, suzhou branch.

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