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Dongguan Beston Optoelectronic Engineering Eqripment Co., Ltd
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Machine performance:

1. Chinese keyboard operation, easy to learn and understand;

2. Draw points, lines, faces, arcs and circles. Continuous tween of irregular curve and three-axis linkage function;

3. The software has the functions of area array and translation operation;

4. Parameters can be set for the size and thickness of the glue amount, the glue application speed, the glue starting time and the glue stopping time. The glue output amount is stable without leakage of the glue;

5. According to the requirements of the manufacturing process, positioning PIN, glue gun or floor heating and temperature control device can be installed on the working table

6. Use fluids such as UV glue, AB glue, Epoxy-adhesive, White glue, EMI EPOXY, instant glue, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, heat sink paste, anti-welding paste, clear paint, screw terminators, etc

7. Suitable for: mobile phone, computer case, OPTICAL disc player, printer, ink holder, PC board, LCD, LED, DVD, digital camera, switch, connector, relay, radiator, semiconductor and other electronic industry, or connect with SMT equipment quick point/glue coating, clock, toy industry, medical equipment and other products requiring liquid glue dispensing.

8. Optional double-end fine-tuning plastic tube fixture, double-end operation at the same time, doubling the work efficiency;

Specification parameters:

Model TV - 5500

Effective machining range X/Y/Z mm) 300/300/100

Weight 10.0kg / 5.0kg

Moving speed (mm/ SEC) 800/800/320

Repeat accuracy ±0.02mm/Axis

Resolution: 0.01 mm/Axis

Data recording ability >100 groups, 4000 points/group

Data storage mode U disk, teaching reader, PC

Data speed 32 bits

Display mode teaching reader, LCD display screen

Motor system 3-Phase

Motion mode straight line, circular interpolation

Linear circular motion mode 3 axis linkage

Teaching mode teaches readers or PC I/O

Signal 8 Inputs / 4 Outputs

External interface controls RS232

Input power AC100-230V 350W

Working environment temperature is 5-40℃

The working environment humidity is 20-90% condensation

Machine size 600 x 600 x 600

The weight of the machine is 30kg

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