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The pure scientific field of light is often called optics or "optical physics". Applied optics is often called optical engineering. The part of optical engineering that involves lighting systems is specifically called "lighting engineering". Each branch is very different in application, technology, focus, and professional relevance. In optical engineering, relatively new discoveries are often classified as photonics.

Because optics are so widely used in practice, optical physics and engineering optics have a lot of overlap in terms of fields. Optics is also closely related to many disciplines such as electrical engineering, physics, astronomy, medicine (especially ophthalmology and optometry). Many key technologies can be found in the study of optics, including mirrors, lenses, telescopes, microscopes, lasers, optical fibers, light-emitting diodes, photovoltaic, and more.

Application: 1. The spiral locking requirements applied to non-spiral vertical positions; 2. 2. Suitable for labor positions with large labor force, non-visible labor operation and labor tolerance;

3. Suitable for positions that require both hands to position products at the same time;

4. It is suitable for products with poor padding and no slip, such as smoothing and floating lock, with precise torque requirements.

[technical parameter] 1. Simultaneous locking axis: 1-2 axis optional

2. The spiral spiral was implemented in the spiral, with locks implemented in 2-5 seconds /PCS

3. Torque adjustment: each shaft is independently adjustable, and the customer specifies the adjustment range

4. Carrier stage: single or double carrier stage, manual pickup and discharge. Lock and pay one by one in the set order

5. Torsion arrival test: optional

6. Check for sliding locks/slides: optional

7. Float lock detection: optional

8. Air source: 5-7kg/cm2

9. The power; The 220V 50Hz power rate is less than 1000W

● Increased assembly efficiency by a factor of one to three or more

● High reliability and durability. Electric and gas systems are all imported from Japan

● Maintain installation quality and consistency

● Reduce operator's labor intensity

● Powerful power to send 1-3 screws per second

● Screw used up, with sound, light alarm remind

● Suitable screw: M3X10~18

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