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The pure scientific field of light is often called optics or "optical physics". Applied optics is often called optical engineering. The part of optical engineering that involves lighting systems is specifically called "lighting engineering". Each branch is very different in application, technology, focus, and professional relevance. In optical engineering, relatively new discoveries are often classified as photonics.

Because optics are so widely used in practice, optical physics and engineering optics have a lot of overlap in terms of fields. Optics is also closely related to many disciplines such as electrical engineering, physics, astronomy, medicine (especially ophthalmology and optometry). Many key technologies can be found in the study of optics, including mirrors, lenses, telescopes, microscopes, lasers, optical fibers, light-emitting diodes, photovoltaic, and more.

Performance Features:
1. Temperature adjustment range: -40 ~ 150℃(adjustable);
2. Humidity adjustment range: 20%-98% R.H
3. Refrigeration mode: single-machine compression refrigeration (air cooling);
4. Temperature and humidity fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃, ≤±2% R.H;
5. Uniformity of temperature and humidity: ≤±2℃, ≤±2% R.H;
6. Sample frame: one set (stainless steel);
7. Sample frame load: ≤120kg;
8. Power supply voltage: three-phase five-wire system, AC380V, 50HZ;
9. Total power: 6.5KW;
10. Internal dimensions of the test chamber:
Depth 500× width 500× height 600mm;
Volume of 150 l
11, controller: TEMI-880 temperature and humidity programmable controller (color screen), can accommodate 120 programs a total of 1200 times, can be once to infinite times cycle, Chinese man-machine conversation screen, with RS232 communication interface, attached computer software, can be connected with PC, computer monitoring and recording.

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